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aninana said: Ha! You reading My Immortal?! I want you to read that to me again… whilst sitting on Jewel’s floor… playing with her pets. ….yeah.


hahahahahahaha! I can read it to you, my Snape voice is the best ever.

Yes. This needs to happen again. Read me My Immortal in the voice of Snape.

Anonymous asked: Your friends and you all have XMen nicknames and that's pretty cool. Did you just pick your favorites or what?




I got so excited about this ask that I had to wait until I got home and could answer it on my actual laptop. I know I’ve mentioned them by their X-Names before, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually talked about why we’ve got the names that we do. I could gush about this forever, haha.

Right off the bat, there are 3 reasons why we’ve each gotten one.

1-I have a need to relate literally every tv show/movie/book/comic/etc back to my friends. I’m not exaggerating. Everything.

2-We love X-Men. So much. Too much. 

3-We are big nerds.

As for why we’ve each got the nickname that we do, it kind of does work out to each of us picking our favorite characters. After all, don’t they say that your favorite characters are usually the ones you see yourself in? But I’ve thought about this a lot. (Too much, probably, if we’re being honest, but I work in the middle of the night and these things can be fun to think about while nothing else happens.) This could potentially be a painfully long answer, so to keep it from being excruciating, I’ll just explain the 4 of us that live together; The X-House, if you will. (Be aware that this is largely based off of Movieverse.)

First we have Magneto, dekudani. Initially because Erik is her favorite, and she so strongly relates to him.  It goes so much deeper than that to me, though. (And to her as well, I’m sure.) In addition to being insultingly attractive and ridiculously charismatic, Dani is easily the strongest, most intelligent and gifted person I have ever met. She’s incredibly guarded and a remarkable judge of character. Private and, if we’re honest, a bit sneaky and slightly deceptive when it’s necessary. She’s so steadfast and strong-willed and constant in her convictions. When she believes in something, she believes in it wholeheartedly and rarely compromises on her views, she’ll debate it to the death with you and, truthfully speaking, leave you doubting yourself from time to time. She’s a powerfully gifted leader and her confidence in this is unwavering. She has the sort of strength of self that you could only ever hope to have. Slightly nihilistic and crushingly realistic at times to someone like myself. But everything she does is painstakingly designed to be for the good of everyone, or at least the greater good as she sees it. There’s a heart of gold in her, but very few people are really deserving of ever getting to know it. She’s everything I could never be, what keeps this household in a sort of chaotic balance. 

Then we have Rogue, hoddiemaine /Holly. Again, Rogue is her personal favorite, but, as with Magneto/Dani, it goes further than that to me. She’s cute and sweet and gentle and southern. She can be barby, that’s for sure, but it’s hardly personal and not really a bad thing at the core of it. It’s cautionary and a defense mechanism. We all have them.  She’s got the kind of gentle semi-naivety that doesn’t stem from a place of ignorance or inexperience, rather from a heart that would do no intentional harm to anyone and so it expects none in return. Truly a blessing of a person to know. Earnest and sincere and driven to be a better person every day, which is truly admirable. She doesn’t hold herself in enough regard, she doesn’t quite see how exceptional she really is. The type of person you can spend long nights talking with, about everything in the world and nothing at all. She takes every word you say in like it’s got the meaning of the world attached to it, and you can trust her with those words. She’s a woman of her word and you can trust her to do exactly as she said she would, every single time. An incredible friend and endlessly reliable partner. Slightly mischievous in all the best ways, a bit of fun in a day that would otherwise be miserable. Truly a wonder of a person.

And then there’s Cyclops, hypnos-thana-moros /Kyle. While yes, the running joke is “Wow Scott, you are such a douchebag”, that’s not really the case. Loyal, trustworthy, smarter than you’d think to give him credit for. He frequently underestimates himself, sells himself short, and sometimes you suspect it’s because he feels someone else deserves the spotlight a bit more. That’s not the case, but he’s such a generous guy at the heart of it all.  Always the first to snap back with some sass towards anyone mouthing off at the time. He’s the kind of person you could trust with being your right-hand man at the drop of a hat. A bit self-involved, yes, but it provides him with a sort of clarity and insight that, when he finally reveals it, you’re sort of blown away. He’s incredibly smart and charming in ways that you hate to admit, but you really have to. He’s a dork and has strange opinions about things that he refuses to explain to you, and you suspect that he really couldn’t explain, but he’s stubborn as a mule so you know he’ll just keep repeating himself until you give up anyway. At the end of the day, you can trust him to be one of the few left with you when everyone else has decided to leave you. He’s that reliable. 

And lastly, me, Profesor X. Cocky of me, maybe? Possibly, haha. I can’t quite go so in depth for myself, I don’t think I have the perspective required. I just identify so strongly with the character, in moral regards, world views, the whole nine. My understanding of my other half is unparalleled, that’s a huge contributing factor. 

I think I’ve thoroughly answered your question and have bored you half to death by now. So, fantastic question, thank you very much. 


This. Is. Perfect.

And so true. Also, thank you, babe. I take all of it as compliments. Even the bad stuff. >:3

I’ve been thinking about this a lot more so I shall continue. :3 In addition we have aninana/Arin, Jubilee. She’s got a lot to offer but more often than not, people underestimate her. It takes a lot for her to get to her limit, but when she does, there’s raw fire in her. She’s not around as often as you’d like, you wish you could see a bit more of her. She’s crass and silly and honestly a bit vacant at times, but she’s actually very sharp and witty and provides the type of insight that hits you hard in the chest and makes you think everything over, hard. A fiercely loyal friend, she’s excellent at picking you up and dusting you off. She brings a sort of sarcastic yet somehow genuine sparkle to every conversation. Overall, someone you wish you could be like in many ways, but who is too unique and strongly special to ever be imitated. The there’s kinraijou/Corie, our Nightcrawler. Simple and sweet and to the point. Strong-willed and strongly spirited in ways I don’t think she even realizes. Intelligent, genuine, soft-spoken, gentle and kind. Self-depreciating in a way that makes you want to swaddle her up and boost her confidence, because she deserves to be able to hold her head high. Introspective and slightly reserved, but a joy to be around in all respects. You may get frustrated from time to time when she doesn’t realize her potential and you wish you could shake it into her, but she knows she’s important and that’s what really matters. And why I chose to continue this on mobile I have no clue. I’m going crosseyed. Haha.

I just love this.. wow.

This was in my inbox. Seriously?

This was in my inbox. Seriously?